Air Chartered services, either it’s personal or group flights that are devoted to every locations which considered as the holyland for every religious community.

Enjoy our special flights and experiences to the Holy Land

Quick Response

We have the fastest services to accommodate every customers needs and customers requirements

Massive Product

A wide range of service start form short flight, medium and farther destination for every needs

Wide Coverage

We will always serve flight for every destinations from Indonesia to the Americas.


The flexibility for customers to choose the desired aircraft, any flight time and other additional special services




Various Option

Aircrafts and Airlines

Jenis Pesawat

Amal Aviation Indonesia service has various any kind of aircraft type either small or big carrier to short, medium or long distance type, ready to take you to the Holy Land

Garuda Indonesia

Exclusive network to all Domestic and International Airlines and Providers. Especially in Indonesia, with one of the best airlines in the country, Garuda Indonesia


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